mardi 31 mai 2016

Work in progress

New model...

It's been over ten years since I have not builded that type of tank ...
Forced to put special equipment since I only goes modern Russian usual to avoid contagion.

Not easy to work in these conditions but it is to please a friend craftsman John Paper Panzer Production.

When finished, I pass the flamethrower zavod. :)


lundi 30 mai 2016



De retour de l'exposition de Saumur 2016 avec deux médailles en poche dont une en Or pour le porte char. Très content de cela.

Back from the exhibition Saumur 2016 with two medals in his pocket with a Gold for the tank transporter Very happy with it.

Tout l'équipe de Warpaints - The Warpaints Team 


Démonstration dynamique

Un grand moment de discussion avec Kristof Pulinckz 
A moment of discussion with Kristof Pulinckx

Max (Armor Border Line Blogà et JC (Panzairpanzair)

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