vendredi 17 avril 2015

Hi Guys

We announced some time ago the creation of a new forum in France "", directed by Yvan Garnier, Stéphane Escalant, Bernard Barrey and myself with great future projects.

 The first being a Webmag whose first issue will come out in early May in French and English version. Our editor Max Armor Border Line and JC have done an outstanding job to get out the first issue will be a free download on the website beginning May

The summary

- Scale 1/35 - Ferdinand in Kursk
- Scale 1/35 - YW 750 in Kuwait
- Interview - 10 Questions to Jose Luis Lopez Ruiz
- Scale 1/72 - T55 Enigma in Iraq
- Photoscop - T55 Enigma
- Scale 1/35 - SS-15 Cold War
- Report - Bonningue 2015
- Scale 1/35 - E75 Paper Panzer
- Analysis kits
- Interview - A Visit Blitz Production
- History - WW2 ammunition boxes from the German army
- Tutorial - Installation of Friul tracks, a technique among others.
- Showcase for Warpainter's

A big thank you to all the participants who made this mag and our three translators for English versions.
Feel free to share.

All the Best

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